The History

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I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland with motorcycles
as an important part of my life. But God
came first from the age of 25, when I was saved. I
eventually sold my bikes to attend Bob Jones
University and join the ministry. I worked my way
through college as a mechanic, and one day a
customer was unable to pay for my services - so he
offered me a used motorcycle. That's when I
started to attend local bike rallies.


The History


At my second rally, while waiting in line
for a soft drink, God spoke to me. He
asked me why I wasn't witnessing to
my fellow bikers. Since that day,
week-by-week, rally-by-rally,
God's motorcycle ministry
has grown.

Now I've been riding 34 years for the Lord,
29 years full-time. So the next time you hear
the thump-thump-thumping of a motorcycle down
the street,think of it not as a sound of potential
trouble, but as the sound of potential salvation.

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